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K171 250mW POWER AMPLIFIER. This project is a simple 2-transistor VHF power amplifier, with about 16dB gain, and requires no tuning or alignment procedures. Wideband techniques have been used in the design and the circuit is equipped with a "lowpass" filter to ensure good output spectral purity. The Jul 22, 2019 · Homebrew RF millivolt meter. Just for fun by Ragwire 3 Replies 1490 Views ... A home brew amplifier. by westcoastjohn 1 Replies 1705 Views jukeboxman Last Posts Drive the amp with about 1/2w, and check the output; it should be in excess of 250w. If all OK in step 6, the amplifier can now be driven to full output. Typical performance is 2w in, 1kw out at 50V VDD and 27 to 29 amps. Many of these RF decks will produce 1250w with 2.5w drive (50v VDD, 32 to 35 amps). This shows an unsuccesful attempt to build a push pull 2 m amplifier, with the tubes in grounded screen. N4IP HF and 6 Meters amplifier A solid state amplifier for HF and 6 meters band by N4IP 144 MHz PA with MRF317 A 2 meter power amplifier 144 MHz 1.2 Kilowatt Amplifier 144 MHz Kilowatt Amplifier with a Gu74b. VHF linear amplifier pictures RF-KIT Power Amplifier RF2K-S - THE Solid State 1,500 Watt Linear Amplifier. A DX Engineering exclusive in North America! Even though the brand name is RF-KIT, this is the FULLY ASSEMBLED and TESTED Solid State No-Tune Linear Amplifier with the official FCC "Grant Of Equipment Authorization." The RF2K-S Power Amplifier offers ground-breaking features that are pushing the envelope of present ...

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So time for a new design. K6MYC made me a design with two stacked Yagi's. But after a try with one Yagi, I decided to go for my own design again. The K6MYC one was difficult to match and I saw a 1 dB loss in gain with my 5 el. homebrew one. I used YO4.9 to develop one that meet my demands and was able to use the M^2 element mount and the M^2-match. Here is a list of projects I hope to get up and running in my Homebrew bench up and soon ... Variable 1 Amp 1.2 - 12 v power supply ( LM 317 Based) PIC programmer ( RCD programmer) 30 Mhz Offsetable Frequency counter( Py2RLM's Design ) 40 Meter DC-40 Standalone Receiver ( VU2FAX's Design ) BITX 20 And the RM-96 Transceivers (Scroll down below) In the past couple of day, the six meter amplifier project moving very slow. 1) I have made the PCB Board Fabrication for High Voltage and Soft Start. This weekend, will go for the Software Key and Bias PCB. 2) I also drill two big holes for the front panel meter High Voltage and Plate Current meter. The Class E amplifier prototype and the amplifier reference design were both tested at 30W and 40W. A Agilent N1914A power meter and Werlatone C5827-10 directional coupler were used to measure RF power delivered to a 50 ohm load and input power from a Rigol DP832 supply was measured with a pair of Agilent 34401A multimeters.

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Discover lawn mowers at Shop a variety of products, including push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers and robotic lawn mowers. Homebrew Construction of SSB & CW Radios, Linear Amplifiers, Micro Controller Applications. Continuously Licensed since 1959 with former call signs: W6JFR, K3IXU, KM6DD & KM6BI (Midway Islands) , and W7FFL. I was issued the callsign N6QW in 2009. GQRP Member #10689, Extra Class since 1977. See my station (K3IXU) in 1960 by clicking HERE. Amplifiers. Is your DX operation hungry for power? Feed it with a power amplifier from DX Engineering. From affordable 600-watt PEP output to all-out 1,500-watt continuous power, our selection of linear amplifiers will deliver the stable, efficient power punch you need to operate with authority from 160 through 2 meters. The TFT Raduino The µBITX ‘s Raduino plugs into the main µBITX board.It is an Arduino Nano powered, small, hackable board based on the rock steady Si5351 synthesizer with a bright 2.8 inch, 320×240 TFT display, 6 analog ports, three oscillators and six digital lines.

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Sep 28, 2016 · During my research, I ran across K6BEZ’s homebrew antenna analyzer. I followed the schematic exactly and put it together on some perfboard. I used the processing sketch on linux to view the results. Here is a plot of my dummy load. And here is the plot of the dipole. As you can see, this dipole really needs some work. Nov 02, 2014 · Waw, what a device. The Freescale (and NXP) SSPA parts are quite incredible. The part I’ve used is the MRFE6VP61K25H, which is a 1.25Kw device with peak gain and efficiency figures of 26dB and 78% respectively at 144MHz, that means for 1Kw output the drive only needs to be 2.5w in, 2.5 w in for 1000w output, again, waw..! And at 78% ... Jun 06, 2009 · daiwa cn-801h, 1.8 ~ 200 mhz swr meter; diamond sx-400, 140 ~ 520 mhz swr meter; homebrew - rf field strength meter; homebrew - antenna/swr analyzer; homebrew - 500 watt 450 mhz power amplifier; 4 kw hf power amplifier - solid state; s meter / vu meter with led; digital volt / ampere meter; 60 watt, 140 ~ 150 mhz broadband amplifier; 145 mhz ...